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Cupboard for washing and sterilizing of knife holders.
Washing machine for knives holders
Washing machine for knives holders

Cupboard for washing and sterilizing of knife holders.


Cupboard for washing and sterilizing of knife holders.
It has got a water tank, heated by means of electrical resistances. From the tank one pump sucks up in order to feed some nozzles with a rotary movement that do the washing, the rinsing and the sterilizing process.
The full machine cycle has got washing, rinsing and polished-sterilized functions.
Capacity:  20 knife holders
Main features:
Stainless steel construction AISI 304.
Total machine sizes:
Length: 1.300 mm.
Width: 1.020 mm.
Height: 1.770 mm.
Maximum working temperature: 90ºC.
Washing temperature: 50ºC.
Sterilizing temperature: 82ºC.
Machine levelling on adjustable feet.
Level of acoustic pressure lower than 80 dB (A).
Water connection by means of stainless steel ball tap of 1’’.
Electrical connection to 400 V (III+N+T).
Tank of 50 litres.
Water entrance controlled by means of electro-valve of ½’’.
Water level maintained by means of level detector.
Box type filter made of grille of triangular profile in sheet of 1.5 mm drilled to 2 mm diameter.
Tank emptying by means of electro-valve of 2’’.
Water heating by 4 electrical resistances, 6000 W/ unit.
Temperature control by means of two thermostats DANFOSS (washing, sterilizing) and one digital thermometer with bore.
Stainless steel motor pump of 4 Kw, 2900 rpm, to 380V, with o flow of 18 m3/h and a pressure of 4.3 Kg/cm2.
Soap dispenser.
Polishing product dispenser.
Rinsing with cold water.
Stainless steel flat jet nozzles.
Nozzles mounted on two rings with rotary movement. 
Rings driven by the same water pressure.
Rotary axe supported on stainless steel bearings.
Electrical switchboard made of fibre inside the machine, installed power of 4 Kw,  IP-65 with thermic protectors with control by PLC and handling to 24V.
Group of push-buttons mounted on stainless steel sheer, with the elements: digital thermometer, outside timers (washing, sterilizing), 2 buttons of cycle stop/run , main switch and emergency stoppage.
4 resistances of 6000kW each one.
Hermetic closing door with security switch at the opening.
Emergency stoppage that blocks the machine.
As much as the emergency stoppage as the one of the security of the door mean one restarting of the cycle.
Three washing programs: 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour.
Pump: 4kw.
Resistances: 24.000 kW
Tank of 50 litres: 150 l.

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