The new Sphere PX Series Tunnel

The new Sphere PX Series Tunnel

At Xuclà we are proud to present the new Esfera PX series Tunnel for large box sanitizing productions for the food industry, becoming the premium series in our catalogue of washing tunnels. Fruit of our know-how in this sector by our R&D department with an incredible low consumption of energy and water, making this equipment unique in the market due to its low-consumption features and constructive and hygienic robustness.

Following the 3 vital indicators for our teams

1-Maximum sanitation.

2-Minimum consumption.

3-Competitive price.


Esfera Xuclà system was conceived to minimize turbulence in the cabin and maximize sanitization with less energy, together with a robust and hygienic construction and equipped with the latest technology, an easily accessible thermally insulated lifting hood, as well as water tanks.

Becoming a team with a fast return on investment and with impeccable sanitation according to the standards of food and environmental regulations.



Closed circuit washing with hot water and detergent.

Rinsed with tap water.



AISI 304 stainless steel construction.

Finished by a projection of ceramic microspheres.

Tunnel dimensions:

Length 5,930 mm.

Width 1,115mm.

Height 2,230 mm.

1100 x 300 mm loading mouth.

Loading height 350 mm.

Discharge height 900 mm.

Upper body with side cover for registration.

5 PVC curtains with a thickness of 4 mm to separate areas.

Tunnel levelling on 8 adjustable feet M20.

Timed photocell at the entrance.

Output accumulation detection photocell.

An acoustic level less than 80 dB(A).

Production: from 40 to 60 pallets/hour depending on dirt and dimensions.