Ref.: 121592V / 121592E

Cabinet for utensils washed and sterilized.
It consists of a water tank heated by electric heaters.
Aims tank pump that feeds sprinklers with rotary motion
launderers-sterilized and rinses utensils.
The complete cycle of the machine consists of washing and rinsing-sterilized and is done in close mately 5-10 minutes.
Made of stainless steel AISI 304.
Machine dimensions:
Length: 2,300 mm
Width: 1,702 mm
Height: 2,040 mm
Maximum temperature: 90 ° C. Washing-sterilized temperature: 50-82ºC.
Levelling machine with adjustable feet.
Sound pressure level below 80 dB (A).
Tap water connection stainless steel ball 1. "
Electrical connection to 400 V (III + N + T).
50-liter tank.
Water inlet controlled by solenoid valve 1/2 ".
The water level is maintained by the level detector.
Type filter drawer grid, with triangular profile sheet 1.5mm drilled to 2mm diameter.
Emptying by solenoid 2".
Heating - Steam/Electric
Water heating by four 6000 W electric resistances. Temperature control by OSAKA electronic thermostat (washing, sterilization) and probe.
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