Ref.: M32TE / M32TV


The washing tunnels of the ESFERA series have the possibility to adjust the functionality to the needs and requirements of the customer.

The ESFERA model optimizes the complete use of the pump flow, their rounded forms make the water slide down the sides, improving their performance and the sanitization of the process.

The evolution and engineering of the tunnels make this equipment very respectful of the environment and allow energy saving. The machine is ideal for the sanitization of small and medium productions.

The design of the machine is thought to permit access to every part of it, and to make the maintenance and the washing process easy.

Washing in a closed circuit with hot water and soap.

Rinsing with direct mains water.

The blow is with air curtains.

The machine it's manufactured with AISI 304 stainless steel.

The curtain air is of PVC and 4mm thickness.

Return the trays to the operator's feet.

Round upper part with side hinges to register with round form.

Separation of PVC curtains between zones of 4 mm thickness.

Standing on 4 adjustable feet M20.

Level of acoustic pressure lower than 80 dB (A)

Production: 300 units/hour depending on their sizes and dirtiness.

Heating - Steam/Electric.

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