Ref.: ME3245E / ME3245V


Tunnel for washing trays, production 500 u/h. Compact and ergonomic, designed for continual use. The loading of the trays may be manual or automatic if there is a line to feed the tunnel. The forward movement of the trays in the tunnel is automatic. At the end of the process, the trays can be collected by an operator or they can feed directly into a line.

The washing tunnels of the "ESFERA" are scanty to adjust the functionality to the needs and requirements of the customer. The ESFERA model optimizes the exclusive use of the pump flow, their rounded forms make the water slide down the sides, improving their performance and the sanitization of the process.

The evolution and engineering of the tunnels, make these types of equipment very respectful of the environment and allows energy saving. The machine is ideal for the sanitization of small and medium productions.

The design of the machine is thought to permit access to every part of it and to make the maintenance and washing process easy.

The washing tunnel serial "ESFERA" model 500 with return and dragging chain, is a tunnel capable of washing 500 U/h, the water is heated by three electrical resistance/steam with 6.000W each one, and the washing part of the process works with hot water and soap, and the rising part with tube water. As a result, wet an optimum washing.

Heating - Steam/Electric 

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